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The Alice B. Awards Selection Committee
is pleased to present the
2017 Alice B. Readers
Appreciation Awards

***ALL NEW: 2017 Award Winners Posted February 7, 2017!!***

2016 Award Winners
The Medal

2017 Alice B. Medal

Melissa Brayden
Jaye Maiman
Ann McMan


About The Lavender Certificate

We previously awarded a Lavender Certificate from 2005-2016 to authors early in their careers who, in the committee's opinion, had outstanding "maiden" novels in print. The award was intended to encourage new writers in their quest to let their voices be heard, which until recently was not an easy accomplishment. Nowadays, though, the volume of lesbian books published is awesome, and the committee is unable to read the incredible wealth of debut books, so as of 2017 the certificate is suspended. We are delighted that at long last, there are plenty of books reflecting lesbian lives!

The Alice B. Medal


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